Various Artists

Thee Church Ov Acid House Volume 1 (Pudel Produkte 39)

1.Machines - Substanz 05:04
2.Ultra House - Chewing Gum 01:56
3.T.C.O.A.H. - Chapel Cottage 04:38
4.Elektra - Surprise 06:33
5.Tyson - G Phunk 01:16
6.Bachelor Kisses - Brighter Than The Sun 02:50                                       

„Sounds like Burial who listened to Psychic TV instead of UK Garage. For me the best Pudel Produk-te so far, I’m thrilled. And you know me, I find a lot of things good, but only super cool super cool, best Pudel Produkte ever. How did you find them, do they come from Mainz or the surrounding area or what? Top record, I would also like to have it on vinyl for grandpa’s cupboard“ 

// Superdefekt


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