Vermin - LP

Gelbart - Vermin

Release Date: 01.11.2013

Close Encounter of the Third Mind! A new full blast psychospastic reverse organ blackfall limerick LP hits the fertile ground of Konzeptwiese!!!

Adi Gelbart unleashes the dark side of the brain on this energetic Gagarin Records debut. Bearing the title of his homonymous film, "Vermin" is a playful and voracious pop collage album bursting with complex compositions, wild arpeggios and 3-dimensional sound FX. Since 15 years, Gelbart has developed a unique musical language which is loved and celebrated by the fauns of the digital doom. This album compiles the essence and diversity of his electronic cosmos. Most tracks are enhanced by the use of acoustic instruments played by the master himself: organ, synthesizers, bass guitar, drums, drum machines, saxophones, trumpets and violins. On the track "Meloda" he is joined by clarinet player Benautik.

Side A is a winding progression of wild and vivacious melodies saturated with references to prog-rock, noise, 70's library music and spiral space punk. Like an alchemist, Gelbart mixes these ingredients to a cocktail that exudes the odour of glamour, modernity and hallucination. Its energy and complexity stands out of the dull sea of conformity.
The actual movie soundtrack "Vermin" can be found on side B. In the elegance of a perfect 1960's sci-fi motion picture, dreamy melodies joined by fluctuating bleeping patterns and sound effects set on a mental journey to an eerie and sexy planet. Here, alternating themes of rhythmic and abstract form recall the spirit of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.


1 The Device
2 These machines are translators
3 Collecting seeds
4 Meloda
5 It speaks
6 Valse Implanté
7 Song for a dying earth

8 Vermin Part 1
9 Vermin Part 2

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