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Nu Geneas Rhythmussektion Marcello Giannini, Andrea De Fazio, Paolo Petrella spielen zusammen eine Mischung aus psychedlic Funk, Afrobeat und Cinematic Soul. Die Musik von Pychè ist minimalistisch, rhytmisch, schnell und voll von tollen Melodien und warmen Sounds. Ein fliegender Teppich aus Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug, Synths die dich ebenso flippig wie chillig davon tragen. Gute Reise und ein wunderbaren Tag!


1. Kuma 
2. Cumbia Mahàre 
3. Amma 
4. Angizia 
5. Psyché 
6. Manea 
7. Hekate 
8. Kelebek 

Offizieles Bandinfo:

Drop a needle on Psyché’s debut album and you’ll see visions, or rather Mediterranean visions, be they of waves of heat shimmering above dunes of sand, or of women dancing around a bonfire on a rocky plain, or of bushy cliffs overlooking emerald-green and turquoise sea. The name Psyché is of course ancient Greek for ‘soul’ or ‘mind’, signifying the band’s love of psychedelic funk, but also the wide range of Mediterranean influences – from Southern Europe to the Balkan Peninsula, and from Anatolia to the Maghreb – that provide an endless source of inspiration for their hypnotic sound and minimalist style. 

Psyché members Marcello Giannini (Guru, Nu Genea, Slivovitz), Andrea De Fazio (Parbleu, Nu Genea, Funkin Machine) and Paolo Petrella (Nu Genea) have been active in the Naples music scene for almost two decades, most notably during the first wave of the new Neapolitan Power movement (Slivovitz, Revenaz Quartet). Over the years they have often crossed paths and collaborated on side projects in various genres (math-rock duo Arduo and, more recently, synth-pop duo Fratelli Malibu), before working together as the rhythm section of Nu Genea’s live band. Following their first tour with Nu Genea in 2018, they started Psyché with the intent of...  more

released May 19, 2023

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