Pose Dia

Simulate Yourself



Front View is the album debut of film-maker and musician Helena Ratka, alias Pose Dia. A soundtrack and theatre composer, as well as resident DJ at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, Ratka emerged onto the scene as one half of Shari Vari (together with Sophia Kennedy). Now all these pathways or winding roads have converged to create Pose Dia and an impressive album of many facets – a self-assured debut.

Release: October 9th, 2020


1. At The Beach
2. Smoz Opera
3. How To Find The Exit In Case Of Fire
4. Harvest III
5. Scanner
6. Walking Running
7. A Gap In The Step
8. Phrase Paraphrase
9. Get Up High
10. Infinity Pool
11. Spacerine
12. Cloud

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