Scheich In China

Arschgesichter des Todes

A1The Virgin Witch3:24
A2Womit for Breakfast3:21
A3The Sinful Pleasures of Girls with no Ears1:32
A4Deine Gebeine2:25
A5Satan need no Forks2:35
A6Theres no Escape from my House3:48
A7Postatomicwar Hookers0:55
B1Autopsy Thru Myself3:22
B2Mephistopheles Schnaps2:51
B3Cannibal Meteorismo3:16
B4Worms out of Anus2:38
B5Nosebleeding Diarrhea Plus Mucus4:50
B6The eBook of the Dead1:57

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