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Jonas Lerch empfiehlt:
"Das Album besteht aus 9 “Votiven”, die es jeweils in Physischer als auch in auditiver Form gibt. Votive sind Gegenstände, die aufgrund eines Gelübdes bzw. Verlöbnisses als symbolische Opfer öfentlich einer überirdischen Macht dargebracht werden. Dunkel, atmosphärisch, experimentell mit minimalistischen Arrangements, viel Repetition, Gesangs und Instrumental-loops und ganz viel Hall. Man hört sich schnell in Trance, ob bei einem Glas Rotwein oder zum Kräuterkonsum."

A votive. An object as an offering. An intention. A spell in physical form. Music as a form of invocation. Sound as clay. Moulded, sculpted, manipulated to embody said intention. Magick. Chaos. Turning sound into clay. Clay into earthenware. Literally.  

Making use of the term Votive opened a large room for interpretation for me. There is so much that I could argue with, which would be about me (atheism, queerness or feminism ) in order to prevent misinterpretation. But I don’t want to limit the interpretation of it by explaining my own personal view. – Rosa Anschütz 

The debut LP from transmedia artist / vocalist / producer Rosa Anschütz is a collection of nine votives presented in sonic and ceramic form (every song has its sculptural equivalent). It’s the result of several years of daily rituals: word collages as incantations, audio sigils created by shaping electric voltages and casting sound into clay. Votive is also a highly charged space full of spirit/emotion, a religious experience distilled from the ecstasies of an agnostic.  

I sang in choirs for a very long time and enjoy hearing multiple voices. I also love the reverb effect you get in a Church, I emulate this using effect pedals and plug-ins. I also use vocal loops like mantras. I can enter into self-hypnosis through singing. – Rosa...  more


released November 2, 2020 

Production: Jan Wagner 
Mastering: Zino Mikorey

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