Cloud Management



The debut of Hamburg trio Cloud Management stages the meeting of three proven exceptional figures: Thomas Korf and Sebastian Kokus have been responsible for some stunning leftfield neo-kraut releases with their band Love-Songs in recent years; Ulf Schütte has been one of the most productive, and innovative protagonists of experimental electronic music in Germany for many years (see Datashock, Phantom Horse, or his most recent collaboration with G. Steenkiste/Hellvete on Umor Rex, for example). Following Love-Songs" highly acclaimed collaboration with Schütte, "[Spannende Musik]", released in 2021, the formation of Cloud Management as a group in its own right marks a new beginning, which is celebrated with the long player on Altin Village & Mine.

A1 Kolibri Vintage
A2 Mini Swipe
A3 Cosmoposition
A4 Master Delta
B1 Zielgroup
B2 Brobe Wolke
B3 Der Drobe Pfirsich Der Welt

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