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Very very happy to share the cover of my upcoming album „tarâpzâde” with you. Dear @calimaat just did an absolutely fantastic work, it’s really an piece of art on its own. He did all of this BY HAND can you believe ? 👌🏽 The portrait, beautiful on its own, was taken by my dear and talented friend @selim_aksan
👌🏽Swipe for the track list and backside artwork.

I am also very exited to announce that I put the final order for the pressing of the physical album on Vinyl. The vinyl will be produced by
@vinyldeparis , and delivered end of October, inshallah. (Thanks @deryayildirim_1 for the tip 🌿)
You can order directly from me.

The album will feature both my original compositions and known songs in my interpretation, both lyrics from masters of traditional poetry and my own. As you can guess from the name of the album, I tried to fuse classical middle eastern vibe and style with hip hop and trap. „Tarâp“ refers both to the music genre trap as well as to tarâb, which is a form of classical Arab music and means enchantement or ecstasy. „Zâde“ is a typical ending of Persian and Ottoman surnames meaning “struck” or “hit”, like being struck, hit or influenced by something. So get ready to become „tarâpzâde“.

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