1. Lachyoga
2. Fred Neil Song For Digital Devices
3. Black Box
4. Basic Human Behaviour
5. Power
6. HF/Df
7. Cerveau Brûlée
8. Buyer & Seller

HUFFDUFF from Hamburg present with their new album “AI” a statistically evaluated concept album for humans as a target group! Six new songs and two reinterpretations of songs from the debut album “HF/DF”, eight stories about power, powerlessness, worried employees, price-conscious consumers, humans, machines, empowerment and relaxation techniques, each of them a blast! HUFFDUFF’s psychokinetic post-punk noise rock with the music-historically proven instruments guitar (Abacha Tunde Jr.), bass (V. Sputnikova), drums (Mr. Fust), larynx, tongue and vocal cords (Durian Gray) is already shredding through the ashes of tomorrow's world! 
- Huffduff Bandcamp

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