Skygirl EP


Introducing Skygirl, with their 4-track debut release.

Skygirl is Eva and Hanna. The two got together by chance, but definitely not by accident. After they were introduced at a festival through mutual friends and danced the night away, it became clear that both have musical ambitions and their artistic vision aligns. The band was formed before the hangover was gone, and songs were written before the weekend ended. 
The kind of “after-party-Monday-mood” also functions as an entry to the band’s lyrical and musical cosmos. Rest assured, this is not your mundane headache, but rather a working class meets art school kind of philosophical approach. Sparse instrumentation meets two voices. Life-affirming, yet informed by a somber future. 
Reference points may be groups like Young Marble Giants or Shakespears Sister.

Brittle but strong voices, molded by urban decay.

Soundcloud Mireia rec.

1.  “A1. In Grace”
2.  “A2. Something Strange”
3.  “B1. Your Hide”
4.  “B2. Come Out”

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