Big City Days


After this endless seeming period of release abstinence your favorite imprint is back with a special ep by our friend and musical mastermind Speckman! With his debut EP „Big City Days“ the producer and Golden Pudel resident Speckman shares his vision of the dancefloor, where he creates outbreaking sound textures on a soulful base and unfolds his unique and modern approach on dance music. Dive right in with „Desperate Housevibez“, a dreamy & breaky intro to get you right in the mood. Next stop is „Something Still“ - heavy on the bottom, quirky at the top. We finish the A side with „Big City Days“, the melancholic yet upbeat centerpiece of the EP. Flip the record and you’ll hear the bubbly „Run“, a checked out synthie banger. With the outro „Meow“ Speckman goes back to his roots and let’s you of the hook easy.

A1 Desperate Housevibez
A2 Something Still
A3 Big City Days
B1 Run
B2 Meow

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13,50 €

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