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Golden Rules - The Originals 1


From the beginning on we wanted to be a spotlight on the current scene of contemporary funk, soul and positive vibes. We connected with a lovely network of musicians, labels and passionate soul music lovers and created the first sampler. From Moscow to Hamburg, over Paris to New York, from London to Barcelona to Nashville: it's a colorful bouquet of real epic Soul smashers, psychedelic grooves and funky breaks from talented artists from all over the world such as Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, DeRobert & The Half Truths, The Mighty Mocambos, Ghost Funk Orchestra and many more. 

On our sampler you will find 14 tracks made with passion and 100% true notes. 

Bringing soul back to the people.

A1 Gizelle Smith - Jonny
A2 The Drawbars - Shinjuku Strut
A3 Laura Llorens The Shadows Of Love - All Or Nothing
A4 The Brothers Nylon - Three Ears
A5 The Gripsweats Feat. Oliver James - This City
A6 The Soul Surfers - Rhythm-2
A7 Magic In Threes- Diggin Dirt
B1 The Mighty Mocambos - Find My Way
B2 Outer Space - Magnetic Monster
B3 Ghost Funk Orchestra - Asphalt Homeland
B4 Hot Border Special - Fresher Under Pressure
B5 Derobert & The Half-Truths - Thievin' And Robbin'
B6 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Rocket Ship
B7 The Supertights - Sweet Extasy

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