20.02.2015 — 20:30


Miss Hawaii s music is touched by his enthusiasm for improvisation; Sun Ra, Hardcore and Hip Hop to Bossa Nova and Trap. His third solo album, Girls Be Ambitious! attests to this diversity of style and form of expression. Exotic, opulent, luscious, electronic, Global that's, Girls Be Ambitious!

Miss Hawaii landed in Germany as an artist from the japanese Label 19-t about 10 years ago. After his legendary performance at MFOC's Pudel Club in Hamburg, he decided to to stay. Since then, he has taken every possibility available to make an impression in Hamburg's music scene. While quickly advancing to resident MC, as MC Cambodia, in the renowned Pudel Club, he collaborated with artists like Jamie Lidell, Princess Superstar, Felix Kubin, Jacques Palminger and Patric Catani, just to name a few. And as if that would not be enough, he was member of bands like Der Schläger (Zappi from the band Faust), Villalog (AT), the dada-hop project Hallo Werner (HH, Caroviertel), as well as the monster rhyme crew,Dhirty6 Cru from Kreuzberg, Berlin. ÊHe has also proved himself as composer and has composed music for theatre pieces from the choreographer and dancer, Yolanda Gutierrez.

Miss Hawaii, who comes to us with his laptop, microphone and the incomparable charm of an alien scream - screamed himself into our hearts. (Golden Pudel Club, Ralf Koester)